Vial Storage 20ml, 40ml & 60ml, Screw Thread OD22mm, HmbG

  • These storage vials also named sample vials are suitable for various pharmaceutical intermediates, high value-added chemicals, chemical reagents, biological reagents, cosmetics, essences and oils, etc. It is suitable for long-term storage and transportation for products, and has excellent sealing performance.
  • Caps available as closed top screw caps or with centre hole. Caps sold separately.


Code No. Unit Vial Volume Vial Dimension Vial Colour Write-on Spot Vial Glass Material
G1095 100 pcs/box 20 ml 27.5X57 mm Clear Borosilicate
G1096 100 pcs/box 20 ml 27.5X57 mm Amber Borosilicate
G1097 100 pcs/box 40 ml 27.5X95 mm Clear Borosilicate
G1098 100 pcs/box 40 ml 27.5X95 mm Amber Borosilicate
G1099 100 pcs/box 60 ml 27.5X140 mm Clear Borosilicate