Progresssive Scientific Sdn Bhd is the leading supplier of science equipment for school, colleges, laboratories and universities.

A4555-Plane Elevation kit (set 3)
Container Hanging Book Holder
Peti Cadangan
Essential Oil Distillation Apparatus



 About us 

Progressive Scientific Sdn Bhd is the Malaysia's leading supplier of science equipment for school, colleges, laboratories and universities. Our company was started in 1980, with more than thirteen years of history and experience. We are specialize in import and local distribution of a wide spectrum of Scientific Apparatus, Laboratory glassware, Plastic labware, Chemical reagents, Educational Charts, Anatomy models, AV products and etc.


We are strategically placed to handle importation and stocking of goods in bulk quantities, logistics and distribution to customers throughout Malaysia by truck, train and ship.


We have more than 3 hundred of dealers widely spread throughout all the states of Malaysia and have technically qualified personnel to provide effective after-sales service to customers. Additionally, they maintain close link with business circles, research institutes, government departments and overseas associates. This has enabled our company to keep up-to-date with the latest technology and development in the relevant fields.

Over the years, our company has established an excellent track record and reputation in providing quality goods at a competitive price.




No. 23 - 29, Jalan 6, Taman Batu, Off Jalan Batu Caves,

68100 Batu Caves, Selangor, Malaysia.


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No. 23 - 29, Jalan 6,

Taman Batu,

Off Jalan Batu Caves,

68100 Batu Caves,





Tel : 603-61868666

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