Distillation Apparatus – Chemistry Set for Form 4,5, set of 12

  • Boro3.3
  • Allows at least 6 experiments including fractional distillation of Petroleum, distilling a salt solution, ethanol fermentation, ethanol purification, polymerization and depolymerization processes and ester production.
  • The set is supplied in a robust cardboard box with styrofoam.


Code No. Unit Qty Description
G0525 1 set 1 x Test Tube with rim 25 x 150mm
1 x Test Tube OD25 x 150mm, socket 24/29, HmbG
1 x Conical Flask 250ml, socket 24/29, HmbG
1 x Flask Flat Bottom 500ml socket 24/29 HmbG
1 x Liebig Condenser, Jacket 250mm, socket 24/29, cone 24/29, HmbG
1 x Distillation column 300mm Vigreux Tube, socket 24/29, cone 24/29
1 x Thermometer -10+110:1.0ºC Mercury
1 x Receiver Plain Bend, socket 24/29, stem OD10 x L210mm
1 x Still head, socket 14/23, cone 24/29, side cone 24/29, HmbG
1 x Straight Tube with 2 end cones 24/29, Middle Tube OD22 x L34mm, total L90mm
1 x Rubber Stopper 13mm solid
1 x Thermometer pocket, cone 14/23 L-95mm, HmbG
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